Joint Tehillim Reading L'ilui Nishmat Tichyeh Ester bas Refoel Shraga Yosef

Rebbetzin Tichyeh Schochet, A"H, fifth Yahrtzeit is today, Monday, Adar 23. She was the beloved leader and principal of our school, New England Academy of Torah. For the merit of her Neshomah, our school, students and staff, are, collectively saying the whole Sefer Tehillim, bl"n. Please sign up to say as much as you can, and please finish by 5 PM, Monday, Eastern time. At 4:45, There will be a conference call, to complete the sefer and to say a tefillah in her memory. Please contact Rabbi Lapin if you want to connect to this conference call and you haven't yet received instructions how to connect. May her Neshama be bound up with the Bond of Life.
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