Joint Tehillim Reading L'ilui Nishmat Shlomo Ben Avraham (Abramino)

Yohrzeit on our dear Opa - Shlomo Ben Avraham. Anyone who would like to join this family initiative, can read even ONE kapital here in English or Hebrew. If the allocated kapital does not work you, just ignore the link and choose your own. Boruch Hashem Aunty Dalia will visit and daven at the Kever toady on behalf of all of us.
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Link to the joint Tehillim read and share:
  1. Share the link via Email, twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  2. Each one that will go into the link, will automatically receive a different chapter to read.
  3. Everyone could read as many chapters as they wish.
This way, a number of Tehillim books could be completed in a short time and with the participation of others, for the Refuah of your beloved ones.