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Max (Shmuel ben Leah) Byer's family has asked that we pray for his spiritual peace in this time of need. The following update was given recently. This is Max’s family reaching out to update you all re: Max’s current health status. For those of you who haven’t heard, Max started a clinical trial in Nashville earlier this month, but unfortunately, the cancer continues to spread aggressively and he is considerably sicker. Over the past week, Leah Beth and Stu have been working tirelessly with doctors in NY and Nashville to try and medjet Max back home to Jersey City so family and friends may visit. However, as Max’s health deteriorates, they consulted with his doctors and made the difficult decision to keep Max in Nashville for now because that’s the safest thing for him. Max is sleeping a lot more and is on a lot of medications, but if you know Max (which clearly, you do!) then you know that, more than anything, he loves to hear from you - - his friends and family! Please, feel free to comment back to this post or send a personal message to any of the five of us and we’ll share it with him when he’s awake. In the coming days / weeks, we’ll post more updates here and in the Team Max FB Group (see below). Thanks to all of you who support Max in so very many ways.
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