Joint Tehillim Reading For the Refuah of Aryeh Mendel ben Chaya Sarah

Aryeh Mendel a 4 year old sweet boy who loves to play with trucks and drum, and loves Shabbos songs and doing mitzvos, is undergoing surgery on his heart. We all ask Hashem that he have a speedy recovery and be completely healthy from now on with a long life full of revealed blessings!
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Link to the joint Tehillim read and share:
  1. Share the link via Email, twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  2. Each one that will go into the link, will automatically receive a different chapter to read.
  3. Everyone could read as many chapters as they wish.
This way, a number of Tehillim books could be completed in a short time and with the participation of others, for the Refuah of your beloved ones.