Joint Tehillim Reading For the Refuah of PANDAS/PANS/AE/LYME ETC.

Moshe Yehoshua ben Malka Rochel, Shmuel Yaakov ben Simcha Alta, Tamar Leah Yenta bas Simcha Alta, Faiga Shaindel bas Chaya Michla, Raphael Yosef ben simcha Chana, Ester bas Feige Gittel, Moshe ben Feige Gittel, Ezriel Klonamus ben malka, Simcha bas Malka, Aliza Devorah bas Malka, Shimon Ben Leah Chaya, Faiga Sheindel bas Chaya Michla, Shlomo Yehuda ben Zelda, Moshe ben Mirel Bracha, Esther Yehudis bas Chava Gittel, Yitzchok ben Chava Gittel, Menachem Mendel ben Chana, Naftoli Hertz ben Leah, Gavriel Margolis ben Malka Faiga, Yisroel Meir ben Chana, Miriam bas Chaya Sara, Yehoshua Simcha ben Malka Rivka, Avrohom Elchonon ben Malka Rivka, Zehava Zlata bas Chaya Nechama, Avraham ben Chaya Nechama, Alta Sheindel bas Chaya Nechama, Yair Ze'ev ben Chaya Shaindel, Azriel ben Chaya Shaindel, Shai Netanel ben Chaya Shaindel, Aiden Daniel ben Chaya Shaindel, Tzion ben Yocheved, Rafael Aryeh Zev ben Esther Deena, Esther Deena bas Sara, Shimon ben Leah Chaya, Devora Chana bas Esther Deena, Moshe Yaakov ben Faiga Gittel, Ahron ben Yocheved, Mushka bas Devorah Leah, Yehuda ben Sara Maya, Sima Esther bas Sara Maya, Liba bas Matel Tirtzah, Rivka bas Matel Tirtzah, Avigdor ben Chana Ora, Chaya Rochel bas Shira. Them and all the others that are not named here and their families. Every single perek you say, your child says, your friend says, your relatives says, has the power to complete another sefer. There is no time frame to accomplish this. We can just always have an ongoing prayer for us all. Together we can make a difference. May we finally see an end to all this pain. Thank you.
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This way, a number of Tehillim books could be completed in a short time and with the participation of others, for the Refuah of your beloved ones.