Joint Tehillim Reading For the Refuah of Alter Shmuel ben Chava Leah, Yitzchok Hersh ben Kraina, Tzadok ben Miriam

Please take a moment to say a perek of tehilim as a zchus for a refuah shleima for Alter Shmuel ben Chava Leah (Rav of Young Israel of White Plains, Mashgiach at Yeshiva Ohr HaChaim), Yitzchok Hersh ben Kraina (9th Grade Rebbi at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel) and Tzadok ben Miriam (9th Grade Rebbi at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel) and all those who are sick with Covid-19.
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  3. Everyone could read as many chapters as they wish.
This way, a number of Tehillim books could be completed in a short time and with the participation of others, for the Refuah of your beloved ones.