Joint Tehillim Reading For the Refuah of Moshe Shmuel Ben Sarah Bas Tzion

My father Rabbi Blaustein is known for giving to others with his full heart. He is a third grade rebbe, as well as the director of camp Agudah toronto. He runs all of the educational programs in toronto , from father son learning on Mtz shabbos, to siyum Mishnayos trips, storytelling and counseling students who need the extra attention. You might know him as shlumpy Shapiro from the marvelous midos machine or burazov from the golden crown. He is someone who devoted his life to chinuch and helping others expecting nothing in return. For 22 years he took care of my brother with special needs with the biggest smile and never one negative word. His faith and strength has always blown me away. He shaped the person that I am today. Two weeks ago, a tumor was found on his pancreas . I am asking whoever has five or ten minutes extra in the day to please say a few pereks of tehillim in his merit for a recovery. Chanukah is a time of miracles . We are praying hard for a miracle at this time .
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