Joint Tehillim Reading L'ilui Nishmat Yaakov Ben Moshe

Despite my dearest Jack, being 10 years younger than myself and 5 years younger than our sister Merle, we were very close Now , we live in Toronto and she in Sydney When I was a teenager, he was my little brother but as we both matured the gap was almost closed. Jack always saw me as his mentor. I didnt enjoy this .He was more of an easy going person. He had a heart of gold, and found no fault in others. When Avis and I first married Jack would come to us almost every night after work. When we lived in South Africa, he came to visit our mother at us every weekend. I regret thinking that Jack . I don’t think he would think that he had a hard life. I remember him on the Angola border serving in the army . We were worried about his safety. We visited him when he lived in Cape Town several times too Our trips to Johannesburg in the last years were for one reason and that was to visit with Jack and Glenda When we left South Africa to live in Canada, our close bond continued through regular phone calls. We shared small things like who was having a birthday, getting married or passed away to big personal issues I will miss Jack dearly Rest in peace my brother May his Neshama have an Aliyah From your forever loving brother Robbie
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