Joint Tehillim Reading For the Refuah of Yosef Tzvi Ben Rachel Pessel

Please daven for Rabbi Yosef Azar who will be having an operation within the next day or two and needs our tefilos. Yosef Tzvi ben Rochel Pessel – besoch she’ar chole yisrael May the doctors be good messengers from Hashem – and may he have a refuah sheleyma.Baruch Hashem, Rabbi Azar (a great source of light, love and wisdom for all his students in the Seminary Neve Yerushalaim and anywhere in the world) has more strength. They did a scan, the tumors didn't spread and he needs 4 more rounds of chemo before they can hope for surgery. He thanks you all for the tefillos. FULL NAME: YOSEF TZVI BEN RACHEL PESSEL May Hashem grant a complete and speedy recovery. Please continue to daven that the chemo should work only on the tumors and not weaken the rest of his body and that all the tumors should all disappear.
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